Austin Duffy | Welcome Reel - Digital Creative

Well hey there!
I'm Austin, the guy in the TV. I'm a digital creative who has a passion for story-telling and bringing ideas to life in all sorts of mediums. With a background in design, video/audio editing, and some writing, I've got a pretty good handle on many different facets of creative direction and getting things moving with a team.
With almost a decade of experience working in design and video editing. I have an ever-growing passion for storytelling through project management, team leadership, and just a pinch of improvisation.
Here's my top received reviews:
"Totally great guy, but pets every dog he sees without hesitation" - Some Dude I Probably Knew
"The best artist I've ever met" - Mom
"The second best artist I've ever met" - Dad
"Best human to hang out with" - Every Dog I've Met
Now for the Serious Stuff:
Mediums I work within:
Graphic & Brand Design, Video/Audio Editing, Digital Illustration, Creative Direction, Visual Storytelling and Creative Writing (copyrighting included)

Other Mediums I'm familiar with:
Podcast Editing & Production, Web Design (especially enhancing SquareSpace sites with a partner of mine - Clawsun Design)

Mediums I'm learning more about now:
3D Design & Modeling (Blender), Unreal Cinematic Filmmaking
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